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Currency Exchange and Transfer


Our app offers clean and easy interface to convert between the world's most popular currencies, together with a powerful Currency Exchange Rate Watch functionality, which enables you to become notified once your desired price has been reached. The app is completely free to use, and will continue being so in the future.On top of the currency conversion and currency rate watch functions, we also offer an easy access to top money transfer companies, that are able to handle an international transfer between the currencies that were specified, for a cheap bank-beating price. We only select companies that have their own apps and enable clients to transfer funds via their mobile device.
The foreign exchange rates we are using are updated every hour, unlike other apps which only focus on delivering today's foreign exchange rate. Our Rate Watch function allows clients who are interested in sending money abroad to hold on with their transfer and wait for more preferable rates.
In terms of currency conversion support, we support 20 currencies bilaterally. Our focus is on the world's most popular currency pairs including, but not limited, to the following currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, NZD and the JPY. That means you can can easily compare the price of Pounds to Dollars, or convert Euro to Australian Dollar, or choose any other currency pairing of your choice.
This app can be powerful for many audiences. Expats or immigrants who are living abroad, travelers who need to exchange money, internationally-trading businesses, and FX traders.
About Us: is a world leader in the comparison and review of international money transfer companies. We have reviewed over 35 FCA-authorised currency service firms up to date, and helped thousands of individuals and business locate the service matching their requirements.
Disclaimer: We should not be held responsible for any activity, including trading or exchanging of currency, as a result of the rates displayed on our app or website. Although we do everything in our power to keep them up to date, we are relying on feeds that may be delayed or inaccurate. If you are performing any activity based on exchange rate information our recommendation is that you compare rates from multiple sources displaying current currency exchange rates. For the sake of comparison you can use Google Currency Feed located at, Yahoo! Finance Currency Calculator, XE ( Website or app, and above all - Bank Of England exchange rates.